Reaction Rates for Stellar Nucleosynthesis
R. Hoffman, T. Rauscher, A. Heger, and S. Woosley



The Mysterious Rings of SN 1987A


Presented is a compilation of stellar nuclear reaction rates for light, intermediate mass, and heavy nuclei used in calculations of stellar nucleosynthesis. These are intended to replace the reaction rate compilation developed by R. Hoffman and S. Woosley (version 92.1, 1992).

S is for Sun

Solar System Abundances

For comparison to solar abundances we provide:
  • Mass fractions for all stable isotopes.
  • Useful fortran data statements.

X-ray Ring Around SN 1987A

Strong and Electromagnetic Reaction Rates

Strong and electromagnetic reaction rates are tabulated at 14 stellar temperatures, including:
  • Temperature dependent nuclear partition functions.
  • Binary reactions involving neutrons, protons, alpha particles, or photons incident on target nuclei between H and Bi.
  • Special reactions involving deuterons, tritons, 3He, and many-body reactions.
  • Heavy-ion reactions involving 12C and 16O.
  • 30 keV neutron capture cross sections.

The Case of the Missing Supernova

Weak Reaction Rates

Stellar weak reaction rates are tabulated at 9 stellar temperatures and six densities, including:
  • Ground state weak decay rates.
  • Temperature dependent ground plus first excited state weak decay rates.
  • Temperature and density dependent weak decay rates on nucleons and nuclei.

Neutrinos in the Sun

Neutrino Interaction Rates

Neutrino interaction rates include:
  • Neutrino loss rates from thermal processes.
  • Neutral and charged current neutrino cross sections/nucleon.
  • Neutral and charged current branching ratios.


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